Best New Party Game 7

As we know, Hollywood is always remaking stuff. They love it. They can’t get enough of the remakes. They are remake-aholics over there. And when they do remake a movie, it’s almost always with an eye towards “the kids.” Got 2 keep the kids happy. So not only do they ruin stuff, but they ruin stuff in a very specific way: namely, by shoe-horning in a middle-aged cocaine addict’s idea of what a kid would think is cool. And thus a best new party game is born!


You get it. Here, I’ll go first:

  • The Neverending Kindle
  • Text M for Murder
  • Auto-Tune in the Rain
  • Last Crank Dat Supaman in Paris
  • The Razor Scooter Thief
  • Fight Facebook Group
  • Strangers on a Monorail

The competition is stiff this time, though.

@poliopoliopolio: Tamagotchi Cemetary


@edithzimmerman: Wall Posts of Endearment

@alexblagg: The Man With the Golden Taser

@marklisanti: Egg n’ Cheese Hot Pocket at Tiffany’s

Good luck!