Duh Aficionado Magazine: Eli Roth Is Not A Method Actor

Ugh. This guy. The Joe Francis of Hollywood. At least Joe Francis eventually went to jail. From /Film (via DogsAreAdorable):

I totally went method. And I realized, thinking about this stuff all the time, that’s why these [method] actors are nuts. I mean, I didn’t go method like, “What is this strange man with a microphone doing in my face?” [laughs] But when I was on set, we only talked in character, and off-set, I talked as Donny a lot as well…And it gives you permission…to behave a certain way, and we’d say the most disgusting stuff. It would just fly out. And during the vet scene, I remember going on a 20-minute rant as Donny about why we needed to keep shooting that day. And Quentin was like, “That’s exactly what Donny would say!” I was like, “This is what it’s about!” and “This is what we’re here for!” as Donny.

Right. Hamming it up with one of the worst Bahstahn accents I’ve heard since the Shutter Island trailer* is totally method. Constantin Stanislavski is high-fiving in his grave. Daniel Day Lewis called Eli Roth up and was like “You know how I dropped out of film completely and moved to Italy and took up shoemaking for five years? You should do that! But for all the years! Totally method, bro. Method 4 lyfe. P.S. I HATE YOUR MILKSHAKE.”

*The part where DiCaprio says “we ah doooly appointed federahl mahshalls” makes me LOL every time.