Lil Wayne Would Like You To Stay In School, Whatever That Is


Look, the message is a good one and the cause is completely respectable. Besides, Mr. Wayne is very influential these days. So maybe a completely disingenuous plea with America to do something that is completely contrary to everything that made him famous (i.e. with everything that made him someone worth listening to in the first place) will work to encourage students to put down the face tattoo needle and pick up a book (or rather, to encourage legislators to put down the face tattoo needles and pick up the education reform pens? Who is this PSA even for?). But you would think that at the very least they might have used a take that didn’t literally sound like he was blindly sounding out a cue card that he didn’t understand. I am sure there were a million takes. “That was great, Dwayne, now could we try the line about this being the time for bold educational reform without the styrofoam cup full of codeine? What’s that? Sure, you can hold the styrofoam cup full of codeine behind your back.”

Bonus: Bobb’e J. Thompson would like you to stay in elementary school:

Man, this kid is cute (no pedo) and precocious and funny now, but I have a feeling he is going to turn into a real nightmare, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves, because we created him. Just kidding. We can blame Paul Scheer.

Anti-bonus: Asher Roth wants you to stay in college.