Een Russia, Furries Fetishize You!

One thing that American furries have never understood is that there needs to be some kind of balance between the soft, sensual fur that we all recognize as being a totally normal facet of human sexuality (or whatever being a furry is about. Dancing?) and natural, animalistic mobility. Does the sleek and beautiful leopard have trouble with his pants draping over and then under his feet, tripping him up? Does the graceful, sexy panda have to keep readjusting her head so it doesn’t fall off? For the latest in furry technology, combining the STEAMY sexuality of an animal costume with the LIFELIKE freedom of movement, we look to Russia, where WinFoxi has combined a stunning fox head with a pared-down, but still completely fur-covered bodysuit.

As you can see (after the jump), WinFoxi enjoys the unbridled freedom of dressing up like a forest creature without the limitations of so many of the modern furry’s physical constraints:

Here, WinFoxi models a party outfit:

Here, WinFoxi gets ready for bedtime (interchangeable fashions are just one of the innovations of the WinFoxi method):

Hello, it’s karaoke time!

It is hard to imagine a bulky, American furry being able to so freely enjoy the pleasures of rolling around with a giant piece of foam (as God intended):

What, did you rent your outfit at a fucking COSTUME SHOP? This isn’t Halloween, this is real life! No one is going to Magical Fuck you in that thing. Go fur or go home. (Via Urlesque.)