The Legion Poster Is The Dean Of Photoshop School

When the Legion trailer came out last week, I made a joke about how God needed to brush up on Her* Photoshop skills because the graphics in that movie look kind of terrible (by today’s standards. If we are judging by 1992, Death Becomes Her standards, then it looks amazing). But those were just jokes, and joke time is over, because HAHAHA, LOOK AT THAT GUN IN HIS HAND.


Did I make this stupid poster? The more I look at it, the more I am starting to think that I might have accidentally made this poster. When I was 9. On a calculator. Am I missing something? How much does it cost to pay someone who actually knows how to use Photoshop to put a gun in someone’s hand? Is that expensive? No. I bet you could find a teenager on AdultFriendFinder who’d do it for a couple of foot fetish pics. (Not that I have any idea what AdultFriendFinder is, mom, I’m just kidding about all of this stuff.) Or is this like those legendary Pentagon toilet seats of the infamous 1980s Pentagon Toilet Seat Scandals? Hollywood was like “we like the poster, but what about putting a gun in Paul Bettany’s hand,” and the director was like “It can be done, but it’s going to cost another 100 million dollars,” and Hollywood was like “just make it happen,” and suddenly there was a cocaine shortage in Southern California and the director of Legion bought a house on the moon.

This is silly! (Via GoldenFiddle.)