Damon Weaver Interviews President Barack Obama

You’ve probably already seen this by now. Your mom sent it to you and you were like “ugh, mom, I know, you’re the worst, stay out of my room.” My long weekend was much-needed, or at the very least much-wanted, but it was perhaps not much-well-timed. You go away for one day and Damon Weaver achieves his lifelong dream of interviewing President Barack Obama?! But maybe instead of pointing fingers and talking about who should never be allowed to go on vacation like a normal adult human being, we should all just enjoy how great this is. Because it really is great. They are homeboys now. So, in addition to learning some of Barack Obama’s goals for reforming the American education system, I also learned that 11-year-olds still use the word “homeboy.” I didn’t know!

“I suggest that we have french fries and mangoes every day for lunch.” DAMON WEAVER FOR THE PRESIDENT. Let’s paint, exercise, and interview people, if interviewing people is what we want to do. Maybe not. But whatever it may be, I am sure that we can do it all. Let’s go, you guys!! (Thanks for the tip, Dave, Audrey, Matthew, and Paul.)

UPDATE: Here is Damon Weaver on the Early Show, talking about what it’s like when dreams really do come true. (Via Paul Scheer.)