To Be Fair, I Am Not Motherhood’s Target Audience

Motherhood trailer, you guys:

Oof. Look, I am completely respectful of the fact that there are people out there with different interests than me. Billions of them! That is what makes the world such a wonderful (read: horrible) place. Variety! Difference! And I’m also respectful of the fact that as people grow older, their priorities change and they begin to see the world differently and things that did not use to appeal to them suddenly do, and things that they used to find dull or simple or “old” begin to seem relevant and relatable and true. Fair. The world could probably use an inoffensive light-hearted comedy for middle-aged women about the struggles and unexpected joys of motherhood and womandom. And it certainly isn’t like this movie is taking the place of some other movie that I would like more. There’s room enough for all kinds of movies, and if someone derives some pleasure from this, who am I, some dumb jerk, to say anything about it.

But that joke about shoving a carbon footprint up someone’s SCREECHING BUS BRAKES alone makes me wish that Children of Men was a documentary.