That’s Your Boyfriend: Guy Who Watched Friends In One Sitting

I know that your boyfriend was just doing what he thought was a clever stunt in order to raise money for his education. I know that he was just trying to figure out a fun and clever way to get some media attention (success) and at the same time pursue his dream of attending London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. We all have dreams, I respect having dreams, OK? Moreover, I also know that your boyfriend has broken the world record for ‘Non-Stop Television Watching’. He is waiting on a ruling from the Guinness Book of World Records, and has made some kind of history, or whatever. Good for him. But I am going to tell you this, because I am your friend, I’m basically your Rachel, and I care about you: however noble the reason, watching all 10 seasons of Friends in a single sitting that lasts 83 hours and 40 minutes, even if it didn’t result in hallucinations, twitches, and deramatitis, which it did, that is TOO MANY HOURS OF FRIENDS TO WATCH AT ONE TIME, and also it is GROSS. I really think that you should dump him. We tell each other stuff like that. ( via Daily Mail.)