Oprah Sued For A Completely Reasonable $1 Trillion (Now With Official Court Transcript)

Fair is fair. From WENN:

Oprah Winfrey is facing a staggering $1 trillion legal battle over allegations she passed another author’s work off as her own.

The TV titan, one of America’s highest earning celebrities, is being sued by author Damon Lloyd Goffe who accuses the media mogul and her production company Harpo Inc. of plagiarising his book A Tome of Poetry in her internet published work Pieces of my Soul.

And in a copyright infringement suit filed at the District of Columbia Court on 31 July, Goffe insists Winfrey even admitted she used his original works in 2008, reports the National Enquirer.

In the documents, he writes, “In April 2008 Oprah confessed to seizing original works of authorship”.

Goffe and his legal team are seeking the huge amount in damages, claiming that as Winfrey sold an alleged 650 million copies of the book online for $20 (£13) a time, he is owed $1.2 trillion.

Haha. OK! We’re talking about on-line poetry here, right? I just wanted to make sure that this lawsuit made complete sense and seemed sane and appropriate. “Your honor, I demand that Ms. Winfrey pay me this sum with a 1.2 trillion dollar bill. I will put it in my wallet, as is my right, as a coconut.” Total goofball. He should sue the hospital for some medicine.

After the jump, official court transcripts.


The JUDGE sits at his bench. Damon Lloyd Goffe rises at his prosecution table thing.

Your honor, I am demanding $1.2 trillion from Oprah Winfrey in restitution for illegal stealing of my poetry for her on-line poetry, justice must be served, objection.

Get out of my courtroom. Just you get out of here.