There But For The Grace Of God Goes Carrot Top

A tipster named Matt sent in this video from the Las Vegas Sun. It’s a behind the scenes interview with Carrot Top, who currently has a standing show at the Luxor hotel. Matt suggested that we all make fun of Carrot Top because of what a good time that is, but I am not so sure. Is it a good time? Carrot Top is a tragic figure. Think about it. He has achieved incredible success in his field, and even the weight-lifting thing, which is a source of ridicule for many (most) people, is just him working incredibly hard (some might say too hard) to achieve his goals. Yes, to some people’s eyes, that body is a taut dose of nightmare fuel, and it’s easy to derisively snort at the fact that he’s doing “Octomom bra” prop jokes for a drunk gaggle of tourists who decided to wander off the main strip for something “different.”

But not one of us can determine where life will take us, all we can do is strive forward and make the best of what we have. Carrot Top reminds us of that.

The part where the funky roadhouse music drops out and the sweet strains of wistful guitar start playing seriously breaks my heart, you guys. Sometimes everything has to be props, props, props, but here at the Luxor, here at home, Carrot Top can mellow out a little bit, talk, do some props.