Fantastic Mr. Fox Looks (Wait For It) Fantastic

Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer, you guys:

Oh, this looks great! It has such a nice homemade feel to it, like Wes Anderson got together with George Clooney and Bill Murray on a rainy Sunday afternoon and they put the whole thing together themselves. You remember during the 2004 election when the Democrats tried to take back the word “liberal” and return it to its proper usage as an adjective describing a particular political philosophy rather than a loathsome epithet? That didn’t work! But I feel like this movie is basically doing the same thing for the word “twee.” Gone are the bilious days of the early-to-mid ’00s when “twee” was a chuckled insult casually lobbed in the face of the skinny and pale. Now it is a badge of honor.

“High five!”
–Stuart Murdoch

Seriously, though, if this movie is as good as the trailer looks, it could become the stuff of legend. Between this and Where the Wild Things Are it seems increasingly clear that the revolution will not be computer generated in South Korea!