Ron D Is The Man Now, Dawg

As the Movement to End Fake Rap continues apace, it’s nice to be reminded that there are still some real MCs out there. They know that hip hop is a way of life, not some advertising gimmick. Hip hop is the language of the street, and if its message is violent and hard that is because life is violent and hard. It’s so cold in the D. It’s not all riding bikes down by the church and dancing with your friends in front of your older brother Toby’s car. I mean, sometimes it is those things. Like, this time it is those things. MIDWEST 4 LYFE. But it’s not always those things. Ron D holding it down for his homies over at Chester Elementary.

He is like Nic Cage, our American Treasure, indeed. PUNCH THE KEYS FOR GOD’S SAKE! (Via Alex Blagg.)