How I Didn’t Bother To Meet Your Mother

Well, this is terrifying. So, I guess the new iPhone has a video camera on it? I wouldn’t know, I have an OLD iPhone. Boo hoo. These guys know what I’m talking about. Anyway, now that the new iPhones have a video camera, all of these developers are making these visual-tracking programs, which they are calling “Augmented Reality Apps,” codename: SKYNET. So, there’s one where you can see people’s Twitter updates in geographical relationship to yourself, and there’s one that shows you the nearest subway stop. It all seems very neat, very Minority Report, and VERY useless.

But this new Augmented Reality Skynet Lawnmower Man app has to be the most disconcerting one yet. When you point your video camera iPhone at someone (also, stop doing that, SHOW OFF) it will allow you to instantly access their on-line social media profiles.

This app should just be called The Do Not Want Tracker. Thank you, but no thank you, The Future. Ow, my hip! Is there a doctor in this cave? (Via TheDailyWhat.)