The World’s Greatest Freakout Contest

Another “great” freakout from the “world’s greatest freakout” kid.

Nope! Here’s the thing: this kid’s videos are obviously fake. We know that, and we been had knowing that for awhile. And these freakouts are OK (although in this latest freakout, he keeps his shirt on the whole time and never once puts a remote control in his butt, which is not the caliber of freakout I have come to expect from him) but I doubt they are the world’s greatest. If, as we have established, these freakouts are fake, then surely they should be better. It’s one thing to catch a less-than-great freakout on tape when it is real, but if it is fake then the freakout should be extraordinary.

That is why I am inviting you, the Internet, to submit your world’s greatest freakouts. I’m sure we can beat this kid. He’s barely even trying anymore. The rules after the jump:

  1. The world’s greatest freakout must be in front of another person (a private freakout can be good, but never great).
  2. Bonus points if the world’s greatest freakout occurs in a public place.
  3. The world’s greatest freakout can include swear words or whatever, but should mostly be SFW.
  4. The freakout should be between two and five minutes long.
  5. Any destruction of public or private (someone else’s) property will result in disqualification. No crimes!

Upload your World’s Greatest Freakout videos to YouTube, and submit them at [email protected]. The winner will receive a brand new microwave.

*Fine Print: I’m sure that there is a bunch of legal stuff that Corbin Bernsen would advise me to include here, but I don’t know what it is, so needless to say the terms and conditions of the contest can be changed at anytime by Videogum, or whatever, and maybe there won’t even be a contest if no one submits any videos. Or what if all the videos submitted are bad and no one deserves a microwave? But let’s assume that this is a real contest, you guys. Let’s paint, exercise, and freakout!!