Internet Done Burned Me Again

You guys, this is one of those weeks. Woof. Maybe it’s just me, but the Lawnmower Man feels painfully slow. Hello? IS MCFLY AT HOME HELLO? Personally, I don’t like when blogs get too self-knowing and talk about the art of blogcraft or whatever. That is how SKNYETS get created. And next thing you know. So I am sorry about this. But it has gotten dire out there.

So I made the executive decision to end the day with a nice little video. You know, noting too crazy. Just something that said “Let’s paint, exercise, and have a great rest of the week.” I can have fun, too, you guys. It’s not all Grouch Town: Population Me. So, I went to YouTube and I tried to find a fun new dance video. Who doesn’t like dancing? I figured someone must have uploaded a fun dance video within the past 24 hours, and we could all just enjoy that and head out into the summer night air, filled with the rush of hope and good times.

This is the best I could find:

Ugh. I guess that’ll do, Internet. That’ll do?