T.I. Makes A Music Video Called “Remember Me? I Am In Jail!”

“Mistakes build character, and character takes you places money cain’t. Jail, for example.”

I will tell you this: if I was sentenced to a year in jail, none of the things that I did in the weeks leading up to my incarceration would involve shooting a video where I pretended like I was in jail. I would probably go out to some fancy dinners, and spend a lot of time with loved ones, but at no point would I get in the car and head to jail for a few hours to make believe that I was in jail. That shit might have seemed really cute to me before I was arrested (for buying all those guns with silencers, sorry!) and put through a months-long, heavily mediatized trial, but it would not seem cute to me now that I was facing 12 months cut off from my family and friends, and perhaps ending my career despite the cultural glorification of imprisonment in the hip hop community (of which I am a part in this hypothetical situation, neat!).

But of course, my theoretical desire to avoid spending any more time in jail than I had to in the theoretical event of being forced to go to jail for crime is just one of the differences between T.I. and myself. Other differences include: the need for lots of guns with silencers or the lack thereof, a working relationship with Mary J. Blige.