Will DJ Ol’ Youngin’ Save Judd Apatow’s Funny People?

Uh oh, trouble is brewing for Judd Apatow’s upcoming Funny People. A Videogum commenter writes:

I’ve seen the movie. You will be disappointed. Everyone will be disappointed.

Yikes! I hope that we are all not disappointed, but I will admit that I’ve got some mixed feelings going into the movie! It just looks like it could go either way! I am an adult, and I can admit that! (Perhaps tomorrow, when my head is out of this yogurt cup, I will stop ending every sentence with an exclamation point! But for today it is the only way to hold a thought!) I’m just saying that the trailer looks very heavy on the Hallmark Emotions, and very light on the Laffs. Every time I see the trailer in a movie theater, when Jonah Hill says that thing to Jason Schwartzman about his grandfather passing through fire to get to hell, everyone around me laughs, but I never laugh at that part. For one, it just isn’t that funny to me. Not because I am worried about Jason Schwartzman’s fictional grandfather or something, it just doesn’t make me laugh. Whatever. But also, isn’t Purgatory supposed to be a cleansing fire on your way to heaven? So that joke that doesn’t even make me laugh needs to get its facts straight.

I do hope the movie is good, though. And today, with another Raaaaaaaandy viral marketing video, that hope continues. This could be just what the movie needs. You know, the movie that I haven’t seen and that I couldn’t possibly know what it does or doesn’t need. But, yes, more DJ Ol’ Youngin’!

Kind of NSFW, guys.

Me and DJ Ol’ Youngin’ and Raaaaaaaandy live by three rules:

  1. They not ready.
  2. Motherfuckers need to know.
  3. Get your shit.

True. (Thanks for the tip, Octavis.)