NSFW: Kevin Smith, An Adult, Tweets About His Wife’s Taint

The filmmaker, Kevin Smith, took to his Twitter an hour ago (as if there would ever be an appropriate time for this) with an important update:

YIIIIIIIIKES. Obviously we should all be so lucky to still have an exciting and passionate sex life with our spouse after 10 years of marriage, but if we’re really lucky, said spouse will not feel the need to Twitter about our taint in the middle of the fucking day. Seriously unbelievable. He went on a few minutes later to apologize for “the mush.” Um, that’s not mush, guy! Baby talk is mush! Cloying sentimentality is mush! THERE ARE CHILDREN IN HERE (here=Internet) (some of the children=yours). This makes Clerks 2 the second most important thing that Kevin Smith needs to apologize to the world for, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back barely even makes the list now!