Michael Jackson Parking Lot

We can argue all week about whether or not the media’s reaction to Michael Jackson’s death has been overly sensationalized and deeply disingenuous, and I’m sure that if the media has its way we will, but one thing we cannot argue about, because there is no argument, is that Michael Jackson had a lot of fans. So many fans, in fact, that you are bound to get a few crazies. It’s just statistics. His sampling pool of humanity was too large not to include just so many crazies that if, for example, just a random example picked for no reason, he were to be put on trial for child molestation, enough fervent supporters would leave WHATEVER THEY WERE DOING IN THEIR LIVES, and go to support him outside of the courthouse, and there would be enough of them there that you could make a whole feature-length documentary about them.


(Thanks for the tip, Darci.)