If We Keep Buying All This Cocaine, Then The Mafia Wins

This is a neat and also HIGHLY DANCEABLE PSA put together by the Italian government to remind people that when you buy cocaine, you are funding the mafia, and I guess you shouldn’t? I don’t speak Italian so it’s hard to tell. This could be a neat and also HIGHLY DANCEABLE ad for cocaine for all I know.

So, if you keep buying cocaine then the Squid Faces will bury radioactive waste under the tomato crates and then sell those tomato crates to women who just want to go to the club? And then a city will be built on top of a funeral and they will call their Squid Wives from Squid Jail on their magical Jailphones and their Squid Wives will take the cocaine to the corners? In Italy, it’s like The Wire but with some Spongebob Square Pants up in it! The Mafia are such Litter Louts!

In any case, I just wanted a reason to use the expression “if [blank] then the mafia wins” and now I have one. So this works out great for me. Sorry, integrity of the Italian political system and sense of personal safety on Italian streets. (Thanks for the tip, Gideon.)