VH1 Is Like The MC Escher Poster Of Reality TV

Think about it! It’s an endless cycle of deeper and deeper self-reflexive loops, and it’s in every dorm room! ZING OF LOVE!

Anyway, after the jump, a trailer for the upcoming Of Love spin-off series Megan Wants a Millionaire, which I believe was originally called Trophy Wife (seriously), but probably got the name change whenever VH1 stopped handing out business cards that said The Classiest Channel Of Dignity And Respect. Anyway, I’m actually surprised that it’s taken this long for Megan Hauserman to get her own show. She dominated Rock of Love season 2 and she dominated I Love Money season 1. But it’s important to remember that Megan Hauserman wasn’t in Public Enemy. Or Poison. Megan Hauserman’s claim to fame is as a contestant on VH1 shows.

And that’s where things are really starting to get complicated.

Look, she’s good at what she does, whatever that is. And there’s something refreshingly honest about VH1’s complete abandonment of any pretense of these shows being anything other than attention-starved insane people fucking each other and trying to get their hands on some money, in no particular order. But how long can this go on, VH1? I know that these shows literally cost $14 and a bag of Lender’s frozen bagels to make, and that’s for the entire season, but at some point your audience simply won’t have the pre-requisite knowledge to even understand what is going on. “Wait, so the star was a waitress at the restaurant where contestants on a previous Of Love show ate and gave each other handjobs, and now they’re trying to find “love” in a group of dudes whose defining characteristic is that they’ve all had siblings who were at one point or another in the background of another VH1 show? And it’s how many episodes? 12? But it will feel like thousands, right? Perfect. I’m totally on board for this.”

Do you know what happened to MC Escher, VH1? He died. Let that be a lesson to you. And America’s landfills are filled with his posters.