Hurricane Chris’s “Halle Berry (She’s Fine)” Cures Swineflu

The “Halle Berry” dance been had a YouTube sensation for awhile now, and Ellen had Berry on her show weeks ago to see what was up. (Ellen Degeneres? More like Ellen DeTRAILBLAZER!) So I don’t know why the official music video is only coming out now. I guess it took awhile to scrounge together what appears to be a budget of 47 dollars. Z2: The Last Zing.

Admittedly, Hurricane Chris is going toe to toe in a traveling cage Dan Quinn-style against Soulja Boy for the title of laziest hip hop artist, but there’s something totally charming about this song. In the age of economic collapse, dual wars, and swineflu, it’s nice to see the kids going crazy for a simple song about an actress who hasn’t been particularly popular for about eight years. Not only that, but in a musical genre dominated by aggressive misogyny and hyper-sexuality, there’s no harm in celebrating the allure of a 43-year-old childless divorcee. She is fine! Hey Hurricane Chris, 1998 called, they said you can keep everything. It’s working out great.