Hugh Jackman Pukes His Pants

Oh man. As we all know, Hugh Jackman pees his pants on a regular basis. Every film that he is in has a line item in the budget for “dry pants” and that line item is in the millions of dollars. But apparently pee is not the only hot liquid he is constantly ejecting from his body. He also vomits. A lot. He only vomits a little less than he pees, apparently. From IMDB:

Hugh Jackman once missed the chance to meet former British prime minister Tony Blair – because he was too busy vomiting.

The X-Men actor starred in the 1998 London production of musical Oklahoma! and during his run at the National Theatre, the leading politician made a special trip to see the show.

But the Australian actor had been struck down with a migraine – and spent most of the performance rushing off stage to be sick.

And the illness meant the star was confined to the bathroom when he was supposed to be meeting the ex-Labour party chief after the show.

He tells Britain’s FHM magazine, “I remember having a migraine when Tony Blair came to see Oklahoma!. I was going into the wings and throwing up whenever I was off stage, and afterwards Tony Blair came backstage to meet the cast, and of course I was throwing up.”

Of course you were, Hugh.

What is it with this guy and proudly recounting bodily fluid anecdotes in every interview? Hugh Jackman, Master of Anecdotes.

Also, now that we’ve covered Hugh Jackman peeing and puking his pants in public, you know there’s really only one story left to tell, riiiiiiiiight? AND SO WE WAIT. (Thanks for the tip, Max.)