Say Goodbye To Ludacris, Guys

What a long, strange journey it has been for Ludacris! He’s always been kind of a silly rapper, inserting lots of crass comedy into his rhymes, like some kind of gully Weird Al Yankovic, and his radio edits are practically for children. But he inserted just enough boasting and cursing (because that is how you keep it real) to maintain a certain level of respect and enthusiasm in his audience. His acting career obviously signaled his desire to break out to a wider audience, but his fight with Bill O’Reilly suggested that he was willing to do what it took to bring his original fans along for the ride, and his ill-conceived political song for the 2008 election showed he could still make the type of boldly terrible decisions of an artist who hasn’t settled or pandered.

Well that is all over now. Here is a video of him performing his song “How Do You Sleep?” with teen idol Jesse McCartney on Ellen. Basically the gulliest.

Nope. Bye, Ludacris. Wave bye bye. You are done.