You Guys, We Should Buy More TVs

This is a short film created to promote a new Philips TV that has the aspect ratio of an actual movie screen (21:9). But it’s not really an ad, it is more like a work of art.

Cool. It’s designed to be played on a loop, just in case you want to watch it forever. It’s the hyper-violent, non-comedic variant of the Zach Galifianakis Absolut commercials. They should make more ads like this; visually beautiful, completely entrancing, which could stand on its own detached from its marketing purpose, and without the heavy-handedness of a jingle or even a logo. It’s actually more effective, right? It makes the advertiser seem a little bit smarter than the competition, a little more in-line with my own interests in things that are good and are not crass and obvious.

Yikes. I better get a free Philips TV out of this.