Inglourious Basterds Snacke Proview

Because Quentin Tarantino was a “mentor” to the contestants on American Idol last night, whatever that means, some new footage from his upcoming Inglourious Basterds aired. Sure. Of course new Inglourious Basterds footage aired during what is basically a children’s show, because that is the perfect time to advertise a gory exploitation film about World War II vigilantes with ridiculously bad accents. This girl knows:

“Mommy, what is he hitting with that baseball bat?”
“That is a human head, dear.”
“That’s terrible.”
“Oh, no sweetie, it’s OK. It’s a Nazi’s head, so it’s good that he’s hitting him in the head with a baseball bat.”
“What’s a Nazi?”
“The Nazis were bad people who killed Jews.”
“What’s ‘Jews’?”
“They’re the people who killed Christ. We hate them too, but a little less than we hate the Nazis. Now go get the phone, it’s time to vote for one of these incredibly talented singers.”

Inglourious Basterds snacke proview aftear tha jomp.

I’ve been pretty harsh about this movie so far, but this is the first we’re seeing of Mike Myers as a “British military mastermind.”