Duh Aficionado Magazine: Jamie Foxx Is A Terrible Person

Over the weekend, Jamie Foxx used his Sirius satellite radio show (oh, and P.S. Jamie Foxx has a Sirius satellite radio show) to criticize America’s future president, Miley Cyrus. Now, let’s be clear on something: everyone over the age of 14 could probably use their Sirius satellite radio show to criticize Miley. That is what happens when you are completely terrified of the ramifications of one person being in charge of all the tweens: you tease because it is all you have left. When you realize that it’s only a matter of time before Commandant Cyrus gives the secret signal (all we know is that it involves wigs) and 10 million children march on Washington to take it over, then all you can do is gently criticize her and pretend like she doesn’t have very much talent, and that you’re the smart one for not enjoying this “kids’ stuff.” None of it, of course, will matter when you are buried in the mass grave of the Ancient Ones, as the new regime sweeps into power and erases any trace of the non-candy-based-economy that came before.

But Jamie Foxx did not gently criticize or self-boosteringly pretend that he was the smart one for not liking Miley Cyrus’s music. No, after a caller brought up the Miley Cyrus/Radiohead feud, Jamie Foxx, the full grown adult man, referred to the 16-year-old girl as a bitch, suggested that she get gum reduction surgery, and also recommended that she try heroin. The full audio (NSFW, headphones UP) after the jump:

Whoops. This man has children! Teenage children!

I really hope that this becomes bigger than the Christian Bale thing. In some ways it’s not as explosive (or as funny), but at the very least Christian Bale thought in his deluded self-important Hollywood mind that he was being provoked. Here, it’s just a full-grown adult man casually ripping into a 16-year-old and recommending that she get Chlamydia and/or imitate another young woman who has suffered a complete, and very public mental collapse. Perfect. You know, radio talk. To be fair, I’m sure he feels a lot of pressure to do whatever it takes to get the listenership of his satellite radio show up into the double digits.

Have fun at dinner, Jamie Foxx. I like your tie. (Via MovieLine.)