That’s Your Nightmare: Femskins

Holy shit. First of all, let me just say I AM ALREADY SORRY FOR THIS. Second of all, let me say that you should feel absolutely no obligation (duh) to click through this post for the video, because once you see it you will never be able to unsee it. That is how seeing works. Now you know. Here’s your diploma. The creeps at StreetCarnage dug up this video as part of a new sex fetish called Masking or Femskins, which they describe this way:

It’s dudes who literally skin one of those latex sex dolls and then puts it on over his regular skin and, then puts on another latex suit and dances around so prettily.

And which I describe this way:


After the jump, someone calling themselves “Synthia” (right), shows off a new Femskin. It’s NSFW, unless your work is throwing yourself off a roof.


I think we’re done here. If anyone needs me, I will be in the shower, scrubbing my eyes out.

*Obviously, sexual fetishes are sexual fetishes are sexual fetishes, which is to say that as long as it’s consensual and does not cause any harm to minors and/or unwilling partners it’s completely fine and not something to ever make fun of or criticize someone for. But when it takes on an extrovert aspect, i.e. you post videos of yourself engaging in your sexual fetish on YouTube because that’s somehow part of the thrill for you, then you take what you get, because Jesus Christ, there are kids in here (here = internet).