Ted Nugent To Hunt The Second Most Dangerous Game

OK, Ted Nugent is getting his own reality show. Fine. We all get our own reality show eventually. But holy fucking shit, his involves HUNTING HUMAN BEINGS FOR SPORT! With his son! From Variety:

CMT has ordered eight episodes of “Runnin’ Wild …From Ted Nugent,” a reality-competition series that will feature the right-wing rock star and hunting advocate teaching contestants how to survive in the wild, then chasing after them along with his 18-year-old son, Rocco.

Cramazing. The only thing more humiliating than being hunted on national television by Ted Nugent is being hunted on national television by Ted Nugent’s 18-year-old son, Rocco. Even if he doesn’t catch you, you’re still dead. That must have been a great pitch meeting, though:

“It’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Running Man, except instead of a team of American Gladiator-esque super-assassins hunting down convicted criminals in a dystopic nightmare race through an Apocalyptic Los Angeles, it’s a delusional, borderline-psychotic redneck and his 18-year-old son chasing what have to be the saddest and most desperate attention seekers known to man through the ragged woods around economically disenfranchised Jackson, Michigan.”

“We’re gonna need a greener light!”

That’ll do, America. That’ll do.