Amy Poehler Doesn’t Do Her Own Stunts

Amy Poehler, who we haven’t seen in way too long, went on Jay Leno last night to promote Parks And Recreation, and talked about her stunt double on that show: “I want to do an action film where my stunt double does 90% of the scenes and my body double does the remaining ten, and I just want to say two words, either “Look out” or “Get down.” Here’s the whole interview:

Okay, hmmm, did something seem a little off in that interview? At first I thought Amy seemed tired or serious, but actually, I think it’s just that Jay Leno is sort of too lame and intimidating and straight-laced for her kind of humor, and she was just being on her best behavior. And he didn’t make her genuinely laugh the way Conan would. Amy will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight, and should be a little more in her element there, one would think.