Videogum Been Had Turning One Years Old

Videogum launched on April 8th of last year, and since then we have dedicated ourselves tirelessly to bringing you the latest in trampoline accidents, Paul Rudd fart noises, and Gwyneth Paltrow–Living Nightmare news. April 8th of this year is in less than two weeks! We did it! Can you believe it has already been a year? Is this forever? What a roller coaster of emotion.

In order to celebrate this incredibly important event, we are having a party. Kind of. We are going to a bar. And paying for our own drinks. Because, you know, the economy. But we are going during happy hour, the happiest (read: cheapest) hour of the day. And besides, this is not about free Dewar’s. (Although Dewar’s is the best, right you guys? Dewar’s, send me money!) This is about people getting together to enjoy each other’s company, and give Lindsay and me unearned disingenuous compliments.

If you’re in the New York area, we would love for you to be there. Ultimately, Videogum is nothing without its readers*. It’s a week from next Tuesday, and it’s going to be great. Facebook it up.

*Obviously, Videogum is great without you guys. I mean, when the A.I. futuremecha who look like aliens but it turns out are not aliens discover Videogum buried in the ice out by Coney Island, they’re going to telepathically be like “This is the final record of humanity, captured in this tiny little boy of a blog.” But that’s not for thousands of years when science self-creates intelligent life capable of even understanding how good this is, so right now Videogum is nothing without you.