Where The Wild Things Are Looks Like Where The Great Things Are!

Where the Wild Things Are trailer, you guys:

Well played, Where the Wild Things Are. First a great poster and now a great trailer. If you were a horse and I was a sad old man in torn poop pants at the OTB, I would bet on you!

This thing seriously looks scientifically designed to fuck up the hipsters’ shit. Do the math. Spike Jonze + Arcade Fire + Nostalgia + Magic + Monsters + Divorced Moms + Snowballs + Scribble Font + Shouting Off a Cliff. Throw in a scene in which the Wild Things are pounding PBRs while complaining about their freelance graphic design jobs, and Williamsburg would be washed away by a tidal wave of you know what. Whatever, I’ll take the train up there. Let’s die together.

McDonald’s should change their motto to “I’m Where The Wild Things Are-in’ It” because of how much I’m lovin’ this.