Oh No, We Missed “International Talk Like William Shatner Day,” You Guys!

Yesterday was “International Talk Like William Shatner Day,” declared this guy.

“This guy” is apparently Maurice LaMarche, a voice actor who’s done work on Futurama and The Simpsons and Harvey Birdman, and stuff. So it will be up to you to decide whether or not that qualifies him to declare international holidays. I’m sort of leaning towards no, no it does not. Sorry nerds. Even he admits that he’s only the third best William Shatner impressionist in the world. THIRD! Presumptuous! But even if talking into a video camera while you’re driving in your car and then just posting it to you YouTube seems to lack the formality and pomp that you might expect from the declaration of an international holiday, there’s no denying his enthusiasm. He clearly wants to paint, exercise, and talk like William Shatner, and in that we must support him. Good luck with your thing, guy!