Presenting The Pixar Of Animated Shower Toilet Seat Commercials

You know those cable access commercials promising you an exciting life in computer animation? Well, this is what they meant. LIVE IT UP.

To be fair, we can tease the graduates of Mr. Bo Jangles School Of Computer Animation all we want, but this is like the Wall-E of computer animated toilet commercials. It probably got robbed by the Slumdog Millionaire of computer animated toilet commercials at the Computer Animated Toilet Commercial Academy Awards in the Best Sound Mixing category.

Meanwhile, Max Silvestri, from whom’s Tumblr this comes, makes a very important point about the ad for your toilet:

This video teaches you how to use a magic robot toilet. But it forgets to tell you to take your pants off! That’s such an important point of shitting. One of the top three most important parts, I’d say.

True! It’s like Alec Baldwin says in Glengary Glenn Ross, coffee is for closers, and Always Be Taking Your Pants Off.