NSFW: 50 Cent Deploys The On-Line Feud Nuclear Option

Oh man.

So, you know when you’re at a fancy dinner party and two of your fellow fancy dinner party guests get into an argument about something mildly unimportant, but somehow the argument turns way deeper and more intense than an argument about kosher versus sea salt should really be, because obviously the argument isn’t about kosher vs. sea salt but is actually about the fundamentals of what makes the two people arguing human beings, and the ways in which those fundamentals clash? And then you know how there’s usually one person in the argument who is the type of person who will basically say whatever it takes to win? For example, Mike will be like, “I just find kosher salt to have the same qualities as sea salt but without the pretensions,” and Brian will strike back with, “You’re bald and Pam was cheating on you for six months before she broke up with you and that’s why you think Kosher salt is better when obviously it is sea salt that is the superior salt. Also you’re fat.” That guy who needs to win every argument at any cost has always seemed like a jerk. UNTIL NOW.

50 Cent has just completely changed the entire playing field of what having an argument even means. That’s not a knife argument, THIS is a knife argument. He’s been in an on-going feud with Rick Ro$$ (or Officer Ricky) for months now, but I think that feud just ended, because 50 Cent made an amateur porn with the mother of Rick Ross’s child and posted it on the internet. So, you know. Game, set, match, or whatever. Tennis metaphors are best when they are applied to borderline-sociopathic cruelty feuds, right? Right.

After the jump, a “trailer” for the video. It’s mostly blurred out, and I think you already get the point, but, you know, journalism.

The fact that he presents the video in that weird Pimp character only adds further insult to the whole thing. I feel like if you’re going to release an amateur porn with your enemy’s ex on-line, you should be wearing a tuxedo. SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR THE DEAD.