What Fake TV Bar Should The Guy From Real Life Cheers Get A Job At Now?

Eddie Doyle, a 60-something-year-old bartender at the Boston bar Cheers that was the inspiration for the sitcom, has been laid off after 35 years of service. The economy, you guys! From

For nearly 35 years, or almost half of his life, Doyle has been the smiling face behind the bar at Cheers – the Beacon Hill pub that inspired the TV show with the same name in the early 1980s. As one of Boston’s last fabled bartenders, he served drinks and advice for five decades. During that time, his charitable deeds became the stuff of legend. Along the way he got to know thousands, introduced dozens of singles who would eventually marry, and held numerous fund-raisers that attracted everybody from the glitterati to the near-homeless.

That is :(. It’s never fun hearing about someone who’s going to have trouble putting food on his family. But luckily for Mr. Doyle, there are a ton of other places he could work.

MacLaren’s, New York, NY

Paddy’s Pub, Philadelphia, PA

Moe’s Tavern, Springfield

Huh. I guess that’s it, actually. There’s Central Perk, but that’s not a bar, it’s a coffee shop, and in any case it’s closed. Bada-Bing is a bar, A GENTLEMEN’S BAR, but that’s also closed, and I don’t think it’s the type of place for a nice man to work. The guys from Scrubs hang out at that one bar sometimes…

But I don’t think it has a name, and even if it did, I wouldn’t recommend anyone get a job that brings them in contact with the guys from Scrubs. Good luck, Mr. Doyle. I will be pouring out some imaginary beer from my make believe bottle tonight in your cute-anecdotal honor.