The Newest Real Housewife Of New York Is An Asshole

Kelly Killoren Bensimon has been arrested! For assault! From the NY Daily News:

Kelly Killoren Bensimon, 40, was arrested last week for misdemeanor assault after 30-year-old Nicholas Stefanov called cops, saying she punched him.

Bensimon, who appears on Bravo’s hit reality show “The Real Housewives of New York City,” socked him “with a closed fist, causing lacerations below the left eye and substantial pain,” the criminal complaint he filed with police charges.

The model/editor/reality TV star – who is actually divorced – turned herself in Thursday, two days after the incident. She was released on her own recognizance.

Yikes. For a socialite, being arrested for assault must really put some sand in the caviar (as the old saying goes). The rest of the article goes on to claim that the charges won’t stick and that Bensimon is acting all like “whatevs, pass the chamapagne, where my jet at?” But you can’t just get arrested for assault and then go about your business. Even if she doesn’t end up in jail (although how incredible would it be if she went to jail and how important for us as a people) the stigma of dangerous choices is there, like Lady MacBeth’s damn’d spot, or, you know, Danny Bonaduce’s face.

In any case, I am downgrading her from “Marry” to “Fuck” and she should consider herself lucky that it wasn’t a straight slide to “Kill.” This boat is real!