Jim Jarmusch’s New Movie Looks An Awful Lot Like Jim Jarmusch’s Old Movie

The Limits of Control trailer, you guys.

Huh. It looks like the scientists finally figured out how to combine Ghost Dog, El Mariachi, and Coffee and Cigarettes into one movie. The problem was that the Jarmusch DNA would reject the Rodriquez transplant DNA as an invasive parasite. The trick was to wait until both filmmakers had become kind of irrelevant.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope this is good. Jarmusch could use a win. Lord knows he hasn’t had one in at least 10 years, if you count Ghost Dog as good, which it wasn’t. (And sorry Broken Flowers apologists, but not all early-’00s-era serious-Bill Murray-revival movies are created equal.) Really you have to go back to Dead Man to find something worthwhile. It just goes to show that iconic hair and amazing RZA soundtracks can only take you so far. Then again, even if this movie isn’t so great, we can all put on our 10,000 Maniacs t-shirts and our jelly bracelets and have a good time. Come on, you guys, it’s the ’90s!