In Your Face, Beverly Hills Chihuahua!

There is a movie called Space Buddies about a group of dogs who go into space, and this is that movie’s trailer, you guys (via Paul Scheer):

Yeeesssssssss, dog! I don’t really want to see this because as a 62-year-old man, straight-to-DVD Disney movies that capitalize on the popular Air Bud franchise no longer appeal to me. Sorry to be so weird about this. But this still looks really good. I am not joking. First of all, Space Buddies is probably the best movie title I have heard in a long time. I’m confident that if The Right Stuff had been named Space Buddies it wouldn’t have been robbed of the Best Picture Oscar in 1983, unless of course Terms of Endearment had been called Space Terms of Endearment, in which case the result probably would have been the same. Second of all, you cannot stay mad at puppy astronauts for long, even puppy astronauts who say “for shizzle, dog.” You can’t! Because they’re puppy astronauts! On a mission to EASE INTERNATIONAL TENSIONS, dog! Also, Amy Sedaris is somehow involved?

Pre-order it now, dog! Just kidding, dog! I could and will do this all day, dog!