We Were Wrong About Shane Mercado (We=Internet And Also Ellen)

With all the attention that Shane Mercado received after his “Single Ladies” dance took over the internet, I can only imagine how it must have made 111288CBaby feel. He killed it on that song, too. Twice. Sure, he might have lacked some of Shane’s ingenuity in the 1/8th-length shirt department, but it’s not like he’s coming to the party over-dressed, either.

What this video actually proves for me is that all of MTV’s transgender hype over Katelynn on this season of the Real World is just overheated nothing. Her story was open and shut from the minute she entered the house: she’s a confident, post-op transgender; they are people too; the end. That’s not nearly half as complicated or fascinating as what’s going on with 111288CBaby. Put HIM in a house in Red Hook and see what really happens.