The Celebrities Are Trying To Tell Us To Change The World

The celebrities whose previous video got us to vote (That’s why we voted, right? That’s why I voted.) are baaaack! In this four minute video (that isn’t the inferior Pepsi one), all of the celebrities pledge to vaguely solve the world’s problems, and stop drinking so much bottled water. There’s plenty here to ridicule (like, plennnnnty), but today is a special day, and while a PSA that harnesses our obsession with the famous (and, apparently, Jenna Elfman) is a small, trite gesture, it’s a better one than The Celebrities usually make. Especially Diddy. So cheers to the celebrities. I will not make fun of you today. (Much):

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

These celebrities are facing tough challenges, and it’s important not to get caught up in the excitement of Jason Bateman’s “if it’s yellow let it mellow” flushing pledge or Anthony Kiedis’s pledge of allegiance to the united funk of funkytown or whatever and forget that there is so much work to do. But as long as Demi Moore keeps her promise to “smile more,” it will all be worth it. Okay, I couldn’t help making a little fun, but here’s where to learn more about the Be The Change program: