Goodbye To All Of This

(via Cajun Boy)

Much will be written about George W. Bush in the coming weeks and months and years. Essays, and editorials, and books, written by smart, serious people, will be dedicated to deciphering what his presidency meant for the country. If we don’t end up pushing the proverbial shopping cart along Cormac McCarthy’s ash-covered Road trying to find “the fire,” then most of the analysis will focus on how lucky we are to have somehow averted that. And if we do end up hiding in bombed-out ditches to escape the notice of the roving cannibalistic nightmare gangs, then I take it back, no one will be writing about this guy. It’s a weird hope to hold on to, that somehow books about George W. Bush mean the world is still upright, but there you go.

The point is, we all know that Videogum isn’t the place where you’re going to find the most thoroughly researched polemic on the state of modern international relations after a brutally failed presidency, or whatevs, but we still wanted to take one last opportunity, as Americans exercising our civic DUTY, to say: FUCK THAT GUY.