The Sundance Film Festival Has Nuked The Wig (Sorry), Or Whatever

The annual Sundance Film Festival kicked off yesterday. Now, we all know that what mythically started as an enthusiastic enclave for independent filmmakers has long ago degenerated into a week-long, sweaty-palmed, Red Bull-fueled, is that Dax Shepard?, Entourage-y nightmare. There’s no confusion over whether or not it has become a snow-covered satellite of the schwag-bag circle jerk of contemporary Hollywood. (A: True.) But this year it’s even worse. This year, Real Housewife of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak, will be there for some reason. From her livejournal:

I am heading to Park City, Utah tomorrow. I am extremely excited about it and will update you from there throughout the weekend with photos and mini blogs.

Shut it down.