All Your German Skyscraper Are Belong To This Viral Marketing Video

(via /Film)

At a certain point I think that homemade videos are going to become more and more refined and polished and professional looking, and only viral videos made by some marketing executive in Air Jordans ordered off of a Japanese list-serve will continue to have shaky handheld camera work, because this is getting silly. Every time I watch a YouTube with shitty camera work and someone saying “do you think it will work?”, it just becomes a guessing game of what I’m going to be secretly asked to buy. Admittedly, the only thing I can think of that this might be advertising is a Berlitz English course so that you can identify what is wrong with sentences like “we’ll hit on your building next,” but it’s not like I know that much about contemporary German culture (I’m pretty solid on the older stuff). They seem kind of weird and culturally schizophrenic, which is what happens to a country populated by people struggling under the weight of their grandparents’ having tried to take over the world (as soon as we finish this genocide, ugh, it’s taking 4ever!) So who knows. This is probably an ad for toothpaste. Made out of Jews.