The End Of Rick Rolling

It’s over now. Shhhhh. It’s all over.

A few years ago, I was eating brunch with my family, because my family does not play games. My mom was talking about how much she liked a new grocery store called Hiller’s for its wide selection and clean, bright layout. She then said “Hiller’s is da bomb.” That was when I knew that the expression “da bomb” was officially finished. It had probably died much earlier, but nothing pumps a couple extra lame-bullets into the bleeding-out corpse of an antiquated slang term like using it to talk about a GROCERY STORE. And that’s how I feel now about Rick Rolling and this video. At the point where it becomes a cute moment that a proud dad captures of his toddler to send around to friends, the modern equivalent of a wallet full of baby photos, it’s done. The meme has outlived its usefulness. It is literally child’s play.

That being said, I would be perfectly happy if the next Rick Roll was just a video of a baby pointing at the camera and gleefully shouting “I GOT YOU. I GOT YOU.”