Kanye West Thinks Gay People Who Dress Well Should Be Respected

This video was posted on yesterday with the title “Kanye West Gets His Style From Gays” and a flashing EXCLUSIVE GIF. Well played, 50 Cent. Total burn. You got the magic zing. Take me to the candy zing. What?

The video itself has to be pretty old, not only because Kanye looks young, but also because what is that closet? I don’t know how many beats he had to make for three summers to get an apartment with closets like that, but I’m guessing negative seven beats.

But what’s insane is that while 50 Cent wanted to score some major burnage with his EXCLUSIVE GIF about Kanye taking fashion cues from the gay community, the actual genuinely kind of distressing part of the video is when Kanye suggests that SOME gays should not be discriminated against because they have really good style that you can bite off of. There we go. He’s like the black Milk. Shut up, Kanye. But also, obviously, shut up, 50 Cent. For one thing, anyone who doesn’t dress like THIS is getting their style from the gays. Second of all, anyone who BUYS THE RIGHTS to his EX-LOVER’S LIFE STORY to keep her from writing a TELL-ALL ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP is hiding some serious backdoor DL business. The gay pot shouldn’t throw stones at the gay kettle’s glass piano bar or whatever.