Maybe We Should Be Watching The City

Whitney Port’s Hills spin-off The City is so painfully contrived and boring and stupid and annoying that we have decided not to watch it. I don’t mean “we” in the blog-standard royal “we” as a coy stand-in for “I” definition of “we” either. I mean we. Videogum. Like, Lindsay and I feel that there are better things in this world for everyone to be spending their time looking at and talking about.

Or so we thought!

According to the HuffingtonPost, Nevan, who plays “social” Olivia’s cousin on the show, was arrested for trying to pay for a blowjob with Oxycontin. YESSSSSSS! Man, some people live the life, huh? Incredible. I know that Nevan is just a side character on a show about side characters, but even just the whispered potential that people on this show might solicit blowjobs from lady cops posing as prostitutes with the promise of Oxycontin as payment makes it almost worth watching. That’s actually a sign of just how bad The City is, that a member of the cast was arrested for trying to pay for a blowjob with Oxycontin (the funnest thing to say since “the Vice President shot his friend in the face”) and I still won’t watch it.

[Insert Boyz in tha Hood video clip. You know the one.]