You Could Be The Next That Guy Who Made The Battle Of Whatsit Heights

Netflix is holding a filmmaking competition. /Film has already done a perfectly functional job of synopsizing the press release:

Netflix has announced that they will be holding their own Project Greenlight of sorts. The Netflix FIND Your Voice Film Competition will award one aspiring filmmaker the means, guidance and resources to make a full-length, narrative film. In addition to production resources needed to make the film, the winner will receive a $150,000 cash production grant funded by Netflix. Actor Josh Brolin will serve as honorary chair and panel judge and the winner’s film will be given distribution online at Netflix.

Sure. Although, take it easy with the Prize Package, there, Netflix. Don’t go crazy. It’s not every DVD on Earth that gets distribution online through your company. Actually, wait, hahaha, that’s the best. “Distribution online” means that it won’t even be released as a Netflix DVD, it will only be available for streaming, buried on some secondary Netflix page somewhere. Perfect. “We guarantee the winner that absolutely no one, and we mean no one, will ever see this movie.”

You know what else is really vague? “Production resources needed to make the film.” That could be anything.

That could be this:

and this:

Congratulations to the winner! Meet your crew:

Snaked. Read the fine print, son. Actually, they’re really not trying to cover up how lame this contest is. Read the regular sized print, son. The Josh Brolin thing is totally legit, though. Having him as the honorary chair and panel judge of the Netflix filmmaking competition is basically an Oscar. Living the dream, little champion.