New Slang: Valkyrie

I was telling my friend Andrew about something I had to do the other day, and without going into specifics it was very clear that where I was going would be filled with the kind of ridiculous people who make people like us (you and me and Andrew) feel like we’re back in high school confronting a sad, strange world we don’t understand. Sorry to be vague. Imagine that I had to go to the frattiest sports bar in Date Rape Town to win a sour apple shooters contest. To which Andrew replied:

“Good luck. This could be your Valkyrie.”

Incredible. Without even having seen the movie I totally understood what he meant. We all confront situations in which a noble assassination not only seems justified but necessary. So, in the spirit of 2008’s “nuke the fridge,” and 2007’s “I drink your milkshake,” I’d like to enter “Valkyrie,” as in “this could be your Valkyrie” into the pop culture catch-phrase canon. Perfect.

Well played, Andrew.