Lindsay Gets Sick For One Day

And the promos for the Neil Patrick Harris-hosted episode of SNL come out. (Thanks for the tip, Erin.) It’s like Murphy’s Law or something. Right? Isn’t that Murphy’s Law? “Anything bad that could happen will result in you getting sick when a mildly funny promo featuring an actor you claim to love promoting his hosting duties on a show that’s inconsistent at best will be posted on the internet and you won’t feel well enough to blog about it leaving that to your co-worker who doesn’t really care about Neil Patrick Harris at all, but doesn’t have a problem with him either, which is actually how he feels about most things if you want to be honest about it.” I’m pretty sure that’s Murphy’s Law, and in any case there’s absolutely no way on Earth for you to prove me wrong.

“I am very excited about Neil Patrick Harris hosting Saturday Night Live. I like Neil Patrick Harris and I like Saturday Night Live”
-Lindsay Robertson (dramatization)